Every culture has a strange delicacy that is accepted as part of the norm for citizens of a particular country. To make their transition easier into the country, fast food chains use this element to add to the charm of their foreign-origin food. The result is either a hit or miss but one could agree that these gastronomic experiments are truly bizarre.

Take Japan's Kit-Kat Sandwich for example. While not an international fast food chain, Japan's First Kitchen fast food chain cements Japan's complete embrace for all things strange as fact. It is bizarre to add a pair of bite-sized Kit-Kat bars in between white bread while whipped cream and orange make it look like a sweetened Eggs Benedict. The combination of tastes though, is unlikely to be strange.

Japan's penchant for culinary diversity does not end with Kit-Kat. This time, an international brand takes the burger -- a blackened one at that. Appearing like an overcooked meal of charcoal shades, Burger King Japan sold the Kuro Pearl Burger where the only color comes from the well-done meat of the patty. Cheese dyed black, black buns and squid ink sauce makes burgers the new black for Japan. This definitely makes it a candidate for Time's most ridiculous fast food items.

Down under in Australia are different lab rats experimenting with Doritos and pizzas. Pizza Hut Australia know how much Australians love something unique. So it came up with a Doritos crust pizza because why not combine Doritos, cheese and pepperoni in a single slice to avoid having to dip it in?

Carl's Jr's attempts at making cronuts made its food R&D develop something with a twist -- create a biscuit donut that has tons of icing and sprinkles. It is fatty but somewhat also  satisfying -- though it still looks like a regular but crunchy donut. Buzzfeed's Rachel Sanders calls it a "wannabe-cronut."

Lastly, New Zealand probably takes home the most outrageous, fattiest and tastiest treat. Hot dogs and pizza go together and if one can alternate between the two, they would take the chance. So Pizza Hut New Zealand thought it was an amazing idea to stuff the crust with a chili hot dog, lace the crust with mustard and ketchup and then give diners their pizza cravings too. What a workout for the tongue!