July 15, 2024 8:08 AM

Fast Food

Here Are The US States With The Most Fast Food Restaurants: The Results Will Surprise You

In America, 75 percent of the people eat fast food, it is no question why you can find a Subway or a McDonald’s in almost every corner. Check out the concentrations of fast food chains in the country.


The Most Outrageous Fast Food Items Around The World

Fast food items are already fatty but customers love them. When these came out, promoters thought they needed to do something unique -- and they did. These five are just so outrageous - looking but they do taste lovely.


You Can Swap Unwanted Gifts For A Burger King Whopper This Christmas

A Burger King joint in Miami is giving out Whoppers in exchange for your unwanted gifts--a.k.a. those that you don't really have any use for--on December 26.


Top 5 McDonald's Menu Items Unique in a Country

When you're traveling to different countries, it's almost certain that you'll be able to recognize one specific restaurant - McDonalds! Being highly successful, McDonalds have been target of scrutiny and they are usually associated with unhealthy greasy meals. Despite what many say, people still go to McDonalds to eat - and that includes travelers!


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