While surfing the Internet, one might wonder why airports, recreational parks and even plain, old streets in many countries -- especially the United States and those in Europe -- have pianos in them. It is normal to see pianos by hotels and even some luxury malls in certain Asian countries as they they exude class.

One artist's dream of placing pianos everywhere gives the classic instrument its own stage in waiting areas, telling a wonderful story.

British artist Luke Jerram is more than just an installation artist -- or someone who creates sculptures and art visible from the street. He knows pianos, and they way they complement the beauty of destinations. He has travelled the rest of America, Europe and even some Asian countries installing carefully-made and designed pianos in parks and recreational spaces.

According to his official project website for "Play Me, I'm Yours," Jerram works with local street artists in each country to design the pianos, after which they leave for the public to "take ownership of their urban environment." The project is still ongoing with the bulletin space in the website indicating projects and new partnerships for more countries in 2017 and 2018.

Aside from Luke Jerram, most American airports have their own pianos where waiting passengers could perform with permission from authorities -- and their story is likely to introduce class and a bit of free entertainment. Almost every airport in North America -- including Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Detroit, Huntsville, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and California -- have their own pianos situated in public spaces, according to a Wikia for airport pianos.

European airports with pianos include Amsterdam, Budapest, Paris, Frankfurt and Prague. However, there are virtually no airport pianos in Asia and Australia or New Zealand. Some train stations in America and Europe, particularly in California's Davis and Los Angeles stations and a handful of European countries, also house pianos.

Pianos do give an amazing feel of class and creativity in a single package. To see them in public places used by random individuals to entertain people in airports, recreational parks and streets does bring out a magical experience -- something that both Jerram and several US airports and public places have truly achieved.