Analysts predict that the new government-anointed travel bans are likely to scar the US travel industry and online travel booking companies are reinforcing these predictions with lower numbers of foreign travelers interested to support the US tourism economy. Hotel chains, some the most affected of all industries in the United States, have remained relatively silent while the entire industry fumed in horror against the ban.

According to Skift, the seven-nation travel ban executive order mostly involving Muslim-majority countries was blocked. However, the Trump Administration is adamant to unveil a second revision that they claim would smoothly pass the US Federal Courts. During this time, Choice Hotels was only the one who spoke out.

Choice Hotels said that it "supports efforts" of the government to make the country safer but it subtly opposed the administration's executive order as it said "we urge the administration to find a balanced approach" with a focus on travel. However, it was not Choice Hotel CEO Stephen P. Joyce's statement but rather a collective company statement.

"Silently" speaking about their opinions on the US travel ban, Marriott Hotels CEO Arne Sorenson said the executive order is sending out a hostile message from America to the rest of the world. Sorenson added that the seven countries are not much of a loss for the US hotel industry as majority of their guests come from Europe and Asia but the "symbolism" imposed by the executive order of US President Donald Trump "is wrong."

US Intelligence officials also disagree with the conclusion that banning travel for immigrants from the seven Muslim-majority nations is justifiable. CNN reports that DHS officials do not believe "nationality is the best indicator of potential terrorist inclinations."

Hilton Hotel Chain CEO Christopher Nassetta said the strong US dollar had earlier winded down tourism in the country -- and that the executive order is a possible final blow. He acknowledged that the strong dollar is a symbol of a strong economy and his final statement about the ban indicates that Hilton hotels is focused on keeping track of the travel ban's consequences in the near future.