June 24, 2024 3:34 PM

Trump Travel ban

Donald Trump Travel Ban To Cause $1.3 Billion Loss In Tourism Revenue

The travel ban of travelers from Africa and the Middle East has indirectly impacted the economy of America.


Appeal Court's First Look At Revised Trump Travel Ban A 'Major Presidential Test'

The US Court of Appeals would review US President Donald Trump's executive order for the first time. The third revision of the order is said to focus on individuals entering the United States without a visa.


Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's New Travel Ban

Hawaiian District Judge Derrick K. Watson shoots down the second executive order to temporarily ban visas from six Muslim-majority countries. The judge argued that the US government's "illogic" that targets Muslims "all at once" is unreasonable.


Trump's New Travel Ban Excludes Iraq

President Trump signs a revised travel ban affecting six Muslim-majority countries but excluding Iraq on the new list.


US Hotel CEOs 'Silently' Share Their US Travel Ban Sentiments

Hotel Chains -- particularly their CEOs -- have remained quiet as travel agencies and pro-US tourism organizations had voiced out their opposition against US President Donald Trump's travel ban. In a subtle manner, they have voiced out their own observations and opposition against it.


On Trump’s Travel EO: Ethiopian Airlines Still Does Well Amidst US Immigration Ban

The national flag carrier of Ethiopia is performing excellent financially even with the recent travel ban issued by US President Donald Trump. As their next step, they are eyeing Asia for their expansion.


Dual Citizens With Canadian Passports Not Covered By Trump Ban

Canadian government assures dual citizens with Canadian passports can still get into the US despite Trump's travel ban.


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