A current report has affirmed that the auto with the fewest owner-reported problem issues as far back as the 2014 model year is the Toyota Camry. This report is as per a review conducted by the J.D. Power and Associates' Influential Vehicle Dependability Study, which is entrusted to measure issues over the previous year among 3-year-old cars.

As per Cars.com, the Toyota Camry had the car business' least revealed issues at 76 announced issues for every 100 vehicles (or PP100) in the most recent three years. This has pushed Toyota towards another solid showing in the current year's review. The car company's upscale Lexus division has topped the review for the 6th straight year, and even the Toyota brand itself has positioned third.

J.D. Power's overview also showed that the Lexus and Porsche each had a score of 110 PP100, which is well in front of the normal of 156 PP100 among the other 31 brands positioned in the 2017 review. At the other side, Infiniti (at 203 PP100) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Jeep (at 209 PP100) and other Fiat brands have balanced the lower positions.

FCA has since battled in the owner-reported problem issues zone, with no less than one of its image in the last three for an astounding seven years in succession. Although premium brands had a solid showing by being at the top - besides the semi-extravagance Buick, six of the main 10 brands are premium - J.D. Power has also noticed that a lot of non-luxury cars have fantastic reliable quality, maybe not any more obvious than with the Toyota Camry.

But apparently, a CCTV camera caught one of Uber's autonomous vehicles, a Volvo XC90 running a red light in San Francisco, one of the reasons state regulators ordered Uber to stop their operation of self-driving cars in the state. Auto accident attorneys in Manhattan note that side-impact collisions like those from a car running a red light make up close to 25% of passenger deaths in one recent year.

As per Torque News, technology issues have kept on stinging overall reliability, which declined from 152 issues for every 100 autos in 2016 to 156 PP100 in 2017. J.D.Power especially said that its Audio, Communication, Entertainment and Navigation System (CEN) category have represented 22 percent of problem issues detailed.

It is seen that faulty Bluetooth pairing and bad voice-recognition systems have kept on disturbing owners. Battery disappointment has expanded, as well, with battery substitutions significantly going up this year, as per J.D. Control.