In the realm of auto vehicles, Tesla is infamous for falling short in meeting its target delivery dates. So when the bookings for the forthcoming Model 3 continued rising, people in general justifiably got worried about whether the company would have the capacity to pull through.However, as it looks at this moment, it appears that production is right on schedule.

As announced by Clear Technica, one indication that the production of the Model 3 is that Tesla has been liberal with its promotional videos in Europe and in Canada. And keeping in mind that the US has not gotten that much attention, that is probably going to change soon. The publication noticed that a person by the username @ty02ryan posted a video on his Instagram page. The video highlighted a Model 3 unit and looked to have been shot from the Tesla store in Santa Monica, California.

The production also cited CEO Elon Musk as another sign that the Model 3 is prepared for US viewing. "When someone comes into our store to purchase a Model 3," he said. "We say, 'Well, why not purchase a Model S or an X rather?' So we don't offer the 3." The statement seemed to suggest that the up and coming vehicle will soon be accessible for viewing in US stores.

Tesla will reveal the Model 3 as the year comes to an end. Yet, while there is no assurance, these upgrades are certainly not negative signs.However, if the very expected car were to be delivered late, Market Watch has contended that it won't have any kind of effect to shoppers.

What's more, experts are hoping to hear more insights about production cost estimates for the Model 3. In spite of the fact that Bill Selesky, an analyst with Argus Research, said that all things appeared to work out as expected. Inquiries from the participants are also likely to concentrate on the Tesla's Gigafactory, which is settled alongside new partner Panasonic.