Europe might love its bikes but France loves its off-road bikers more than anything else -- which is why the Tour de France Biking Competition and Festival exists. Col Du Soulor plays host to bikers momentarily as they pass the picturesque mountains and greens bikers could only see in Col du Solour. Aside from biking, five other things are gaining traction in the "biker's haven."

According to The Guardian's Kevin Rushby, Col du Soulor is more than just bikes. He shares his experience having finished the Pyrenean pass and enjoying the amazing "tarmac roads" populated with "people with binoculars." Apparently, bird watching is a huge thing in Col du Soulor and Rushby mentions the presence of Lammergeiers, harriers, falcons and kites passing around.

There are a few ski resorts on top of Col du Soulor during winter. Skiing lessons can vary from beginner to intermediate. While the drop is not as impressive, other mountains in the area have higher drops for advanced skiers.

Once bikers reach the top of Col du Soulor, a restaurant awaits serving up amazing traditional and modern French dishes. While it could be pricey, the amenities for food are quite few up the peak -- and the food of the restaurant is superb.

If tired from biking in Col du Soulor, bikers and travelers alike can have a change of scenery by heading to the nearby Laruns and boarding the Le Train d'Artouste. Listed as the first of the six amazing things one could do in Laruns, the train ride up the mountains is indeed an amazing experience.

Spa resorts will never get old for experience-based travels in vacation spots to help bikers and hikers relax from the mountains and engage in some conversation with friends over a hot tub of pure spring water. Once again in the nearby Laruns is the Spa Montagne -- to which reviewers claim to be an "intimate and warm" experience as per TripAdvisor. Many find the services to be decently priced making the location a must-be-visited experience.