Directly after its stretch in the arcade situation, "Tekken 7" will finally come to PS4 and Xbox One this coming June. The game's console version will be furnished with components or features that its arcade version won't have, such as, new characters and a story mode.

 As fans are sitting tight for the"Tekken 7" game to come out, the pre-order event in Japan spilled more information on the up and coming list. Fans on Reddit are stating that the game should have more than 30 characters, and there will be more additions through DLC. As what can be found in the back bit of the pre-order case, it is as though this announcement is actually precise.

In general, it appears that the game is a well-deserved into installment into the series. The addition of Akuma into the main canon is very odd, though, as per PlayStation. Since players need to sit tight for "Tekken 7" for a couple of months more, it is quite recently simple to know why Bandai Namco is running insane with their character reveals.

They could reveal "Tekken 7" Revolution contender Eliza as a pre-order bonus. They additionally specified that there will be more characters that will come, as per The Bit Bag. It is simpler to expect now that more announcements will be made in the long run, particularly since they have not yet revealed the full list. Perhaps some are asking why they are not taking after the system that NetherRealms has finished with Injustice 2.

This is on account of the studio is attempting to keep up that build up through its progressive character reveals in time for the game's launch on May. This may also be on the grounds that players have officially experienced the greater part of "Tekken 7's" list through its arcade variant. Tekken 7 will be released in the US on June 2 for PS4 and Xbox One. In the event that players pre-order the game now, they can get Eliza as a DLC character.