The Gen 2 "Pokemon Go" update acquired a lot of new items and changes as well conceivably the hardest Pokemon to catch. Then, there is an approach to bring forth eggs without moving.

As per Polygon, the mobile "Pokemon Go" game has gotten an extra 80 monsters that players can catch. Much the same as the underlying 150 monsters, some of these Pokemon's appearances go from a completely common to exceptionally rare. In accordance with this, the mysterious Pokemon, Unknown, falls in the last category.

Not only is it really hard to find, the monster also comes in 26 variations with everyone representing an alphabetical counterpart. In view of its shortage, most players still can't seem to try and find one variation. Obviously, this is frustrating with respect to" Pokemon Go" players who need to get the greater part of the game's awards as the task of catching the greater part of the Unknowns nearly appears to be absurd.

However, it is still not so much impossible as a few" Pokemon Go" players have officially revealed finding and catching one. Because of this, it appears like Unknown won't be a region- exclusive monster, unlike its other fellow Pokemon. Besides, the trouble is practically fitting as players would need to go to specific ruins in Gold and Silver to catch the greater part of the Pokemon's variations.

Meanwhile, there seems to be another technique for incubating eggs sing the GPS, according to BGR. "Pokemon Go" players have started to notice that the GPS is getting to be distinctly wrong which prompts to something many refer to as the 'GPS drift' wherein the mobile phone gets false information from the system and registers it as an in-game movement.

It is also significant that GPS drift appears to work "better" on different mobile phones like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. In any case, one player using an iPhone 5 has detailed a similar glitch. Niantic still can't seem to recognize nor answer a possible fix for the "Pokemon Go" GPS bug.