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Planning A Unique Vacation? Here Are Five Reasons To Consider Greece's Meteora

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 22, 2017 04:02 AM EST

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Greece is known for philosophy but atop the cliffs and craggy mountains of Meteora -- which means "suspended in air" -- are temples and climb runs for those interested in mountain climbing or enjoying a solemn, meditative vacation.
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Monks and monasteries sound boring -- as per their connotation. Greece's Meteora is home to the Greek Orthodox. As per religion, it has a deep history whose presence makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a haven for climbers and a meditative spiritual experience.

According to CNN, "Meteora" in Greek means "suspended in the air" where a monk named Athanasios Koinovitis led some devotees to find a haven for their own -- which ended up as the Greek tourism central for spirituality and adventure. Sandstone peaks guarantee endless climbing -- and it has varying difficulty levels that allow beginning climbers to enjoy and seasoned climbers to hone their abilities.

CNN adds that Meteora is a "year-round destination." CNN writes that during summertime, "Hordes of tourists" ensure that all amenities, hotels and restaurants near the destination are "brimming with energy." This even goes on until winter due to lower prices for accommodations and services.

Paste Magazine writes that Greece's Meteora is a home to peacefulness with the environment and one's spiritually with its 24 monasteries built from the 11th century as per history would suggest. The travel magazine writes that only six are functional at this time -- and travelers have mostly swamped the locale. But inside, one could light incense and say a little personal prayer to any deity, or to one's self.

Paste Magazine further adds that food concessionaires near the monasteries understand the nutrition of tired tourists or even climbers who could possibly eat an entire horse. The magazine illustrates the cuisine as "hearty meat-based dishes" with a distinct lack of seafood -- which it deems is not as bad as it seems. The travel magazine suggests three locations: the Restaurant Meteora, Meteoron Panorama and Tavern to Paramithi.

Perhaps if the readied traveler still needs more convincing regarding traveling to Meteora, the great, family and budget-friendly accommodations could be persuasive. Paste Magazine writes that travelers need not "splurge" to enjoy luxury in Hotel Meteora -- which offers an amazing view of the sand-topped cliffs of the mountains. It writes further that boutique hotels in the area are not as expensive -- and one could even consider them "midrange options" price-wise.

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