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Cleanse Your Soul In These Five Amazing Spiritual Retreats Around The World

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 14, 2017 06:30 AM EST

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Retreats are designed to cleanse your soul from the piling stress, disorderly thoughts and overall emotional pangs of daily routines. These five locations are guaranteed to help you reach inside and remove all that anchors towards one's daily pain and troubles.
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Everyday routines sound easy to say as a phrase but the consequences are real; stress could compress daily problems and troubles that one forgets to take care of one's spirituality. The soul's well-being -- may it be a quiet location to meditate, enriching food to help improve the quality of one's joyfulness or just a break from a routine -- is vital and these five locations guarantee a complete recharge.

Philosophy began in Greece, making it the probable home of spirituality as philosophy is the "recognition of self." The "Holy Mountain" Monastery of Mount Athos allows only 10 non-Greek Orthodox visitors per visit, but those lucky enough to be patient could see the beauty, charm and quiet tranquility brought about by the monastery. One could just close their eyes and hear themselves -- and everything they need to sort out -- speak.

Japanese Buddhism is physically represented in Japan's Shikoku Island's 88 temples. According to Lonely Planet, a great way to cleanse the soul is to go "temple hopping" across the 88 temples, spanning about 1,500km, to cleanse one's soul from all its evils, Buddhism-style. It is worth it -- each temple is beautiful as the last.

Cambodia is an outwardly peaceful country. While tropical greenery and pastures surround almost every city or town in the country, the beautiful passions and cleansing of Buddhism has reached the country -- which may explain its laid-back meditative culture. Song Saa's Private Island is a retreat island that guarantees a better, quieter experience while learning more about Buddhism and an understanding of the soul.

Individuals in need of a retreat need not to travel far from New York. While "retreat" and "New York" do not fit in a single sentence, the Springwater Center in New York -- according to Travel and Leisure -- is a silent retreat facility without any facilitators because all everyone needs to do is to walk around forests, meadows and meditate.

Some countries consider the Ayahuasca plant a hallucinogenic -- although not an illegal narcotic -- and Etnikas in Peru's Sacred Valley of the Incas practice the centuries-old tradition of Ayhuasca soul-cleansing ceremonies. Travel and Leisure said Etnikas is 30 years old and everything it does, including the Ayhuasca plant use, has medical backing.

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