Wellness tourism is the act of traveling to enhance ones health through physical and spiritual activities. This traveling experience has recently become more popular. No longer a vocation industry, it has made a solid impact on the global tourism as a whole as more travelers are moving towards a healthier lifestyle making them turn to wellness retreats as a solution to balance their busy schedules in their normal lives.

According to Virtuoso, travelers take a whopping 586 million welness trips each year. Another is that wellness travelers spend more than the average traveler by 130 percent. Most sought out wellness activities are massages, yoga, fitness classes, zumba and more. To give you a better idea on where to travel if ever you want to learn more about wellness in other parts of the world, here are the best countries for wellness tourism.

The Indonesian Island of Bali has the best beaches, coral reefs and more underwater wildlife. Bali is also known for its yoga treatments and ancient temples wherein you can go relax and mediate allthroughout the day, There is also a town in Bali named as Ubud town wherein it is famous for its dense and tropical forests, great museums and historical sites as well that will educated you and let you know more about what and how Bali was formed.

This place is now celebrated as a honeymoon and relaxation island for couples and lovers alike. The Maldives was a virgin Island before until the early start of 1970's. Now, Maldives gas multiple islands around it with resorts and villas all over making it one of the best destinations for wellness.

Hong Kong is known in the wellness aspect of things for is traditional Chinese therapies. In Hong Kong, spiritual concepts like feng shui are very taken seriously making them strict in that matter. According to Arabian Business, the buildings there have no number 4 or 4th floor due to the meaning of the number that is "Die."

Japan is known as a country for its traditional spa therapies. Check out the ancient temples and parks in Osaka where you'll see beautiful cherry and peach fruits trees. With its beautiful sceneries and unbelievable garden scent and natural air, Osaka ranks one of the best destinations to visit for a wellness program to calm the body and reset.

Beijing has some of the best temples and historic sites like the Great Wall of China, For any this destination is one of the best for wellness tourism because of the warm weather in the summer and cold weather in the winter but however the weather is, the nature of China still makes it one of the most relaxing cities in the world. Spas are almost everywhere wherein you can relax and take the traditional way of how they do things. For more about the latest tourism news around the world, stay tuned to Travelers Today.