Nothing comes more nasally sensual and delectably tasteful than a small bite of amazing cheese. The dairy-based, aged to perfection bite sized pleasure has its own set of countries in Europe and America where cheese is the main attraction. For cheese lovers, here are five destinations that would take you to dairy heights.

According to Travel Away, the true cheese experience is in Normandy in France. The travel website claims that Normandy has "superior dairy products" to complement its amazing sceneries. It also mentions the existence of artisan cheeses manufactured by hand -- and a cheese museum in the shape of cheese.

Wisconsin is an American country with a great number of handmade cheese along with aging cellars of amazing wine. Travel Wisconsin lists almost two dozens of cheese-based locations including the Lamers Dairy, Union Star Cheese Factory, Cedar Grove Cheese Inc and wineries to match the cheese experience.

Italy is the next home of cheese connoisseurs the world over but the best locale for cheese is in Emilia Romagna, the home of Parmigiano Reggiano -- the renowned cheese brand that elevated the city's name to the top has its own museum in Soragna. But other cheese factories also exist in the country, offering tours and of course, free cheese tasting.

The Netherlands is more known for its bustling nightlife but during the morning, cheese markets are amazing sights. In West Netherlands is the Gouda Cheese Market, which hosts cheese parades. In Edam Cheese Market in the north, tourists are wooed by cheese delivered by boat or horsecarts.

Ambience is an important part of dining and in Gruyeres in Switzerland, amazing cheese flavors from the Swiss dairy favorite are complemented by beautiful architecture. According to Travel Away, the Thursday market in Bulle or even the Les Ponts-de Martel cheese gallery are amazing sights after one's wine and cheese delight.