There's a hidden beach in Mexico that's taking the internet by storm. Pictures circulating in the internet show a spacious cavern below the surface of an island with white sands and clear waters. It's called Playa Del Amor, and it's located 40 miles off the coast of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico near Banderas Bay.

Playa Del Amor is part of the Marietas Islands. This archipelago is formed naturally thousands of years ago by underwater volcanic eruptions, slowly shaping them into the natural wonder they are today.

However, the islands were disturbed during the early 1900's, when the Mexican government decided to use the Marietas Islands to be a military testing site. The islands were uninhabited, making it a perfect spot to test out bombs and other military weapons. This went on for a couple of years, and the effects of all the bomb testings resulted in the creation of massive holes in the surface of the islands as well as other rock formations.

However, the practice was stopped in the 1960's when a group of environmentalists led by scientist Jacques Cousteau fought for the protection of Islas Marietas. He said that the harmful human activities in the islands will destroy its beauty, and after years of fighting, the Mexican government finally agreed to stop their actions.

The Marietas Islands were finally converted into a national park on 2005, and after years of being untouched once again, nature replenished the beauty of the islands, and the holes created by the bomb tests on the surface of the islands led to the formation of the Hidden Beach.

Now, tourists can visit the awe-inspiring beauty of Hidden Beach, however due to its protected status you first have to get a permit in order to visit Playa Del Amor. After that, a boat will take you to the Marietas Islands, and from there you will have to swim to get to the Hidden Beach.

A clear example of how nature can reclaim its natural beauty, Hidden Beach is now a popular swimming spot in Mexico. If you're after pristine waters and colorful marine life, come take a trip to Playa Del Amor.