Mezi Co-founder and CEO, Swapnil Shinde shares his thoughts on top destinations for 2017. Here are the details as he relayed these insights on the top places to visit this year.

Havana, Cuba

The capital city of Cuba will be a top destination for 2017. As Cuba is expected to significantly change in the coming years, travelers are grabbing the opportunity to on taking a commercial flight from the US. Havana offers vivacious architecture and a peek into one of the world's most shielded and authentic cultures. Among Havana's places of interest, the Malecón is a must-see 8km-long sea drive, which encapsulates some of the city's most iconic monuments. There is also the Hemingway's house is on the outskirts of the city. Moreover, tourists will never leave Havana without getting a sip of their famous Mojito.

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High city is perfect for activity-driven and naturalist enthusiasts alike making it a predictable top destination in 2017. Travelers can visit the straggling 23-acre oasis at the Denver Botanic Gardens. They can also go skiing the state's treasured trails on the crest of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

Cape Town, South Africa

A beautiful spot with an opulent art scene will be a top destination in 2017. Cape Town hosts the much-awaited opening of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art at the V&A Waterfront in 2017. Cape Town is charmingly transforming into a favorite destination for newlyweds looking for a gourmet scene and spectacular mountain and beach views. The wine country and the Cape Peninsula, both a short drive away, are amazing.

Vancouver, Canada

Reveling its 150th anniversary in 2107, celebrations will be plenty, which makes it a top destination in 2017. Vancouver is perfectly snuggled between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean providing endless options and attractions. There is a beautiful nature scene at Stanley Park. In addition, Vancouver has recently become the front-runner on a wish list for people wishing to relocate from the states.

Merida, Mexico

Tourists are in search for more culture-rich destinations this year, the reason why Merida will be a top destination in 2017. Contrasting to party scenes like the popular Cancún, Merida provides some of the country's most diverse local music, art, and live performances, and Yucatan history.