If you're after the best tropical holidays in the world, then consider booking a trip to Antigua. It is located in the Caribbean, which means crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches are guaranteed.

One of their tourism slogans says that Antigua has a beach for each day of the year, and that is enough reason to discover this island's beauty. Here are five things to do when traveling to Antigua:

Take a hiking trip to the Pillars of Hercules. Antigua is not just all about beaches, you know! From Galleon beach, there's a hiking trail which should be enough to follow to get to these rock pillars. The Pillars of Hercules are naturally formed by the crashing waves in the last thousand years, and the view from up there is magical. You can also bring your diving gear and get to see rare fish species!

Have a private time swimming at Half Moon Bay. Because this beach is by far much farther than the most popular beaches in Antigua, you can experience a less-noisy time in this breathtaking beach. There are no restaurants or stores near this area, so if you plan on going to this beach, make sure to go early and bring lots of food and water, as well as all your beach essentials.

Explore Stingray City. Spend a few hours swimming in a beautiful coral reef while Southern rays nudge for your attention. You can have a local tour operator arrange for your trip to Stingray City, and you can feed, hug, and take pictures with them! This island is overflowing with Southern rays, and they are harmless so don't worry, none of them will sting you.

Shop for local goods at St. John's Saturday Morning Market. If you want to purchase some souvenirs for a little remembrance of your trip, ditch the overpriced shopping centers and head straight to the morning market at St. John's. You can see local vendors selling a variety of locally-made stuff as well as local fruits and other foods. Make sure to come early in the day though, as the market can get really crowded at times.

Experience "The Screamer". The Screamer is a 328-foot long zip-line named that way because many said the thrill can make even boys scream at the top of their lungs. There are plenty of other zip-line tours available, there's even a zip-line obstacle course that lets you do parkour in the heart of the Antiguan forest. This is one of the most fun experiences you should not miss in Antigua, so if you're ever in town, make sure to include this in your itinerary.