Hiraizuimi, Japan is a place that was inspired by real-life events about betrayal, revenge and politics. The place came about because of its "Game of Thrones" history were families and clans resort to extreme measures to gain power and control over others.

It all started when one man named Fujiwara no Kiyohira decided to stop the cycle of bloodshed. He lost his family because of betrayal wherein his father, wife and child died. According to the BBC, the result is that he settled to a place called Hiraizumi and spent his last days living in peace.

He longed to create a refuge for his friends and enemies who passed away making the place a Buddhist heaven on Earth. That vision was continued by two more generations wherein magnificent gardens, temples and pagodas were built all over the land. In fact, Hiraizumi became a prominent village that it became well-known even in China.

But it would all come to an end when Minamoto no Yoritomo, the man who became Japans's first shogun, was looking for his arch-nemesis/brother, Yoshitsune. Japan-Guide.com said that Yoshitsune was hiding in Hiraizumi and when discovered by his brother, the place was ravaged and never recovered to its former glory.

However, some of Hiraizumi's structures and historical sites still remain until this day. The Golden Hall is one of Japan's most treasured buildings that has survived for hundreds of years. It's the only building that remained as it is since the 12th century.

The Golden Hall is made from sandalwood and it is a shrine for Amida. It's a magnificent structure with fine metalwork and craftsmanship that makes it an architectural artifact today.

Another attraction is the Chuson-ji Temple, which was once a worship place for monks. Now, it's a place for services and rituals and is home to some artifacts that belonged to the people back in Fujiwara's time.

Hiraizumi has lots to offer for travelers seeking peace and serenity. Its heavenly ambiance is really paradise on earth.