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What You Should Know About Blind Travel

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Feb 06, 2017 04:38 AM EST

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Through Your Eyes : The travelling adventures of a blind journalist
Sophie is a blind journalist who also travels to different places all over the world.
(Photo: Simple Hype/Youtube)

A lot of people think that traveling is only available to those who can see. It's a fact that traveling really requires vision but it's not always the case. There are lots of places and services that cater to visually impaired travelers and here's what you should know about blind travel.

The Telegraph reported about Liam Mackin, a 22-year-old blind student, who has already traveled to 20 different countries. Mackin is from West Yorkshire, England and she has traveled with tour operators that organize group travels and cater specifically to blind holidaymakers.

One tour operator that she has traveled with is Traveleyes. The trip allows blind travelers to go with one fully-sighted traveler as they visit different places. A new partner is assigned to each person every day and the blind travelers can ask different questions to their partners.

It's one way of getting the most out of a location by asking for different perspectives from the partners. The blind travelers can ask for the description of the place, the mood and the kind of feeling that the location gives.

In fact, Mackin even stated that every little thing counts and she always tell her partners to just describe the things that catch attention. One thing that she was really fascinated about is that people in India squeezed onto the backs of motorbikes.

Since traveling with a tour operator, Mackin has also traveled to some parts of Europe independently. A lot of people have asked her what she gets out of travel and she said that it's the experience that she's after.

However, SATH reported reported that the number of companies that cater to these programs has decreased over time. But with the laws being passed over the years, transportation is now becoming more convenient for visually impaired people. Regular transportation services are required to cater to physically disable people.

Traveling is, indeed, universal. It has no boundaries whether you're physically impaired. It's just another opportunity for everyone to enjoy life.

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