Travelers feel a booking ticket that is cheap is completely lucky. Indeed it is, but extra effort is needed to ensure that the few dollars paid for the air flight does not go beyond the original price of the flight ticket. Here are five ways cheap flight tickets are more expensive than regular tickets.

According to Pommie Travels, there are numerous ways airlines boost travelers expenses. These come in the form of hidden charges. Before touching the in-flight food, be sure it is free. Before travelers could book, they could read all about the extra amenities included in each flight, which could indicate in the small fine print that all these amenities have a price.

Reserved a ticket for a five-day stay for the price of two days? Lucky; except if one considers the baggage one has to bring. If travelers do not plan luggage extensively -- including packing a single bag -- they can face extra charges.

According to The Daily Mail UK, coffee prices skyrocket even if travelers secured a cheaper booking ticket a few months ago. Citing reports from, the latter's survey revealed that five low-cost airlines -- who often does promotions that involve cheap booking tickets -- inflate their coffee prices and almost every meal by 4,000 percent. Yikes.

The choices of seats in airlines for cheap bookings can be limited. If one is taking a 9-hour flight, having a great seat is important for sleeping or relaxation. A cheap booking will not guarantee this type of seat -- and if one is sensitive physically, one could incur additional costs for treatment.

Lastly, some airlines would not include taxes and fuel costs in the final advertised prices. They have a clever way of doing it; a small fine print is located below the advertised price. Watch out if it reads "costs may vary."