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Healthy Ethiopian Communal Cuisine

Travelers Today       By    FG Dullin

Updated: Feb 03, 2017 04:49 AM EST

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Kategna Restaurant - Ethiopian food you shouldn't miss in Addis Ababa
Travel and food enthusiast blogger, Mark Wiens, feasts on the combination of viands (yetsom beyaynetu) equally spread on every portion of the injera.
(Photo: Mark Wiens/Youtube)

There are a number of reasons for one to visit Ethiopia but should one wish to acquire a more off-beat experience, the Ethiopian cuisine proves to be a powerful tourist draw. Although Addis Ababa has been a renowned tourist destination in the world, tourists can actually name one local Ethiopian bistro that stands out among the rest. Nonetheless, every eatery pretty much prepares the same generic healthy dishes anyone would enjoy.

For the record, eating in Ethiopia is not a private ritual. It stands to reason that conventional Ethiopian cuisine is designed to cater to communal eating. These are the top 5 dishes that are served in every local bistro in Addis Ababa and other cities:

Injera. This cloth-like bread made of ground 'teff,' a grain from a love grass endemic in the Horns of Africa. This starchy bread is spread out on the tray to be torn piecemeal by a group of diners. One may think of injera as sharing a 'conceptual' similarity with Italian-American pizza while 'practically' eaten in the same manner as Asian dumpling rolls or Mexican taco.

Almost all dishes are dependent on injera because it is a staple dish. One may compare it to boiled rice in Southeast Asia or the pasta without the sauce in Italian cuisine.

Shiro Wat is a widely-consumed dish in all the fares of the Ethiopian cuisine. It is comprised of protein-rich legumes and spices ground altogether to create a sumptuous paste-like viand. Like caviar on crackers, Shiro Wat is the filling wrapped in injera.

Misir Wat is made of lentils mashed into a red curry paste. Like Shiro Wat, this viand is also wrapped in the folds of a piece of injera. This dish is popular in every Ethiopian bistro.

Salata is known commonly as Ethiopian salad. The fresh minced tomato, onions, and pepper are marinated in lime juice and served as a dressing for the injera. Of all the fairs of the Ethiopian cuisine, this one proved to be the most organic.

Firfir. Unlike the other previously mentioned dishes, firfir is made of several pieces of injera that are soaked in lemon juice and olive oil. It is otherwise known as marinated injera.


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