The backpackers' fail-safe travel solution seems great to hear on paper -- paying for cents to a dollar for traveling long distances is a wonderful thing. It is a grand idea until one realizes the safety hazards, dangers and increased risks travelers expose themselves. In the world are five countries with the worst public transportation, it pays to think twice before using them.

Being the third densely-populated city in the state of Utah, Provo-Orem's commuting culture is more toxic than office life. New businesses, great career options and its improving economy offset by 50 minutes of work travel time. Time Magazine says it has a 73 percent approximate employee population near bus and subway stops and travelers may have to wait about 14.1 minutes until they can have a ride.

Travelers who believe luck is on their side being away from Provo-Orem should think twice if they land in Texas. Houston's biggest problem is traffic. While road expansions and other related projects are doing well to help alleviate traffic for private vehicles, commuters might find a hard time finding something other than taxi rides as mass transit transportation systems remain underdeveloped.

Lucky enough to be away from Texas and Provo-Orem? Not so if travelers are taking a beach or hotel resort vacation in Florida. Forbes says Tampa commuters have to deal with private roads, forcing their rides to go off a direct route and elsewhere, taking more time. Florida is lightly populated but traffic bottlenecks are in roads almost everywhere.

Travelers might think London's tube and bus systems accommodate efficiently its growing population, but that is not quite the case. London is listed as one of Europe's most congested cities. In 2016, CityLab reports that commuting in London has travelers lose about 101 minutes (an hour and a half, and more) in traffic. Despite London's best efforts to improve traffic conditions through roadworks and additional mass transportation, it has only done so little, says CityLab.

Germany has free education and possibly free transportation. But during daily rush hours in Hamburg, one may feel the traffic is light, but public transportation can take about 27 minutes on average for both short and long distance travels.