Travelers who had seen an item named "miscellaneous" often do not question its nature. But for the budget-wary, the item is a big cause for concern -- and they are correct to do so. Some travel agents and online services use unscrupulous tactics to inflate travelers' itinerary costs by introducing these four difficult-to-spot fees.

All travelers know how baggage fees can hurt the budget. But what they may not know is baggage fees alone have given the US airline industry a whopping $2 million in profit in September 2016. As airlines are common transportation to different countries, has several suggestions that may just be effective other than just having a special carry-on bag such as this one.

Forbes says the "Mandatory Bellman Fee" of $10 might be a minor amount but it is an unfair charge if travelers did not even use or ask for a Bellman. Citing Peter Greenberg -- "The Travel Detective" -- his story was about an Arizonian hotel that charged him for the bellman's tip mandatorily. His story validates travelers' rights to complain and get their $10 or whichever amount back.

Car rentals are amazing and useful -- only if they have excellent staff knowledgeable about their vehicles and truly care for their customers. There is a list of useful car rental brands available today, but some will just kill travelers' budgets citing several ludicrous reasons for doing so such as peak season charges, added driver fees and others.

"Miles" credit cards are truly amazing as they are useful in saving travelers money traveling the world. But if there are "added charges" to a supposedly "free" flight, these are unfair charges. If travelers find fuel charges and airport fees as "added charges" to their free flight, these are legal charges. So much for these free perks.

Bonus: If travelers have heard of that annoying "Tourist" fee, they are correct to assume it exists. For most travel companies, these legal fees are included in the breakdown -- and they can rightfully charge this. But it is proper that airlines and international travel companies inform travelers of these exit fees early before they agree to buy the itinerary.