There are possible ways for travelers to bring their car from one country to another -- with added expense. The costs could grow too much even for luxury travelers making car rental companies better options -- yet they still carry a risk of poor vehicle or service. These five, however, are any travelers' best bets.

According to Auto Rental News, Avis Car Rental has been voted once again as 2016's Best Car Rental Company" by travel agent circulation "Recommend" and for good reason: the car rental company provides amazing deals for weekly or even monthly rentals for good cars. They even have a bid option for travelers who want to earn discounts from luxury rides.

Budget Car Rental has thousands of car rental centers in hundreds of countries worldwide. Whichever hemisphere travelers need a ride, Budget Car Rental may be an affordable subsidiary of Avis, but it offers better rates as low as $149 weekly.

According to Travel and Leisure, National Car Rental is top not just because of cars in tip-top shape but because of genuinely caring and diligent employees. The travel news website mentioned a reader who wanted to forward a message to the company simply because he or she felt the genuine care of giving him or her the car they truly wanted and was perfect for their vacation.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is available for travelers in America and nowhere else. While only targeting consumers who specifically need a temporary replacement car, travelers in America can use Enterprise's vehicles to go on road trips -- for as long as it is affordable for their budget. The company guarantees only the best cars for Enterprise's customers.

Almost every country has a Hertz Car Rental branch or at least a partner hotel or travel establishment, making it easy for travelers to rent a vehicle for their vacation. According to customer reviews, all their cars are satisfactorily performing, the only downside being the few number of luxury cars available.