Some of the Japanese people have lived their lives with just renting the things that they need or want, such as an apartment, a cab, a dress for prom, a laundry machine, and other things that you do not expect to be rented by the common public. Aside from vendo machines, Japan has been for their impressive figures and models of men and women which have brought hope to the Japanese people who, in reality, cannot feel the happiness of having a boyfriend.

During the previous years, Japan has introduced pseudo-boyfriends. But as time goes by, the characters of pseudo-boyfriends have been a subject of questions among the ladies of Tokyo City. Just recently, the unbelievably real and improved "Boyfriend Rental" for women is now offered in Nagoya, according to a report by Japan Today.

Nagoya's Boyfriend Rental "cast" includes men from ages 19 to 57 whose looks are more far better compared to the pseudo-boyfriends offered before. Their cast profiles indicate the name of the boyfriend for rent, his age, height, weight, blood type, and to which areas will he be available.

With 5,000 yen, you can actually rent a "Real Boyfriend" or "Ria Kare" in Japan for an hour. During the birth month of the client, she must only pay for half of the original price of the boyfriend she wants to rent. Upon second rentals with the same "boyfriend", clients must only pay a discounted rate of 3,000 yen per hour.

While holding hands and cuddling are allowed, sexual activities with the rented boyfriend are strictly prohibited by the company, Kotaku confirms in a report. You can only bring the boyfriend you hired in public places such as theme parks, malls, restaurants, concerts, karaoke clubs and anywhere as long as it is open to the public. Dates held in residences, private hotel rooms and other isolated areas which are far from the sight of many people are definitely off the menu.

Rental Boyfriends is not relatively a type of prostitution. It is more of a company especially to those who do not have someone to be with. It gives the feeling of happiness and delight to be with someone even for just an hour.