The driverless car technology is a concept that has triggered a lot of buzz in the global scene. This is a technological and social revolution or revolt; as it becomes a game-changer in transportation, communication, and even in the social paradigm.

Driverless Revolution A Reality. A lot of people thought this was brilliant especially because this used to be a rocket science concept or "science fiction" so-to-speak. But, now has become a reality that drives around the metropolis as it has been tested in 2016 at Milton Keynes.

Although in San Francisco, a lot of driverless vehicles are now being eradicated from the streets after the first tragic car crash in the U.S. happened with a car that runs on autopilot. This 2017, the UK government would be having trials using the driverless technology in British motorways.

Why Go Autopilot? The Pros: Let's face it, expert studies conclude that driverless cars are actually safer as compared to humans driving it.  This also considered a much safer technology especially for women who could be coming home from work late nights. Well, for one, with the rape cases going around, it is comforting to know that a driverless car won't be able to rape you.

More so, local transportation costs would be reduced considering that many people would prefer driverless cars now. In addition to that, these electrically operated cars are savvier and cleaner as it boasts of advanced infrastructure or ergonomic systems. We might actually be having visions right about now of driverless buses in the near future. We are seeing cost-efficient transportation with not much focus on car ownership or let alone, car driving.

The Cons: With this, a lot of drivers should then start looking toward a career shift by now. Driverless technology affects jobs too - which would need career redistribution. More so, this "driverless revolution" could actually work against us in some ways because its system works with the power of the internet which is prone to hacking or even damage.

With all of these political, economic, and social discussions going around, the main shift should cater to balancing out technology and what would curtail to the larger population. Driverless technology is lucrative and modern yet humans still has to be on top of it all; ultimately.