Becoming a buzz word for travelers since 2015, "Zika" -- the epidemic dominating most of the world's tropical regions today -- is something travelers consider about their destinations before finalizing their travel plans. Zika-infected mosquitoes could only introduce minor flu, but it can spread quickly to pregnant women, where it deals the most damage.

Malta normally has a warm tropical temperature, a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. But so far, no reports about Zika outbreaks or anyone infected with the virus. According to Business Insider, there are no reports of Zika in the Mediterranean region just yet.

Australia is probably the hottest country in the world when it comes to summer, making its beaches pristine and makes Australians immense surf-lovers. Travelers headed to Australia can relax as no part of the country, including the warmer areas of the beaches and hikes, are left unaffected as of yet.

According to -- citing a report from Conde Nast Traveler -- Chile's amazing summer adventures in hills to remote villages that showcase its culture and exciting festivities are still available as no country has made any travel advisories regarding the presence of Zika. The local government has not recorded any incident of the Zika virus in any of the South American country's region as well.

Nearby, California only had travelers with cases of Zika but has no reported outbreaks in the state. Local governments have carefully isolated and quarantined the infected travelers and recent updates indicate them to be recovering steadily through a variety of treatments.

Spain's Mallorca region is a memorable beach destination with its amazing sunsets, rocky cliffs and white sand beaches. Reports of Zika had driven some travelers away, but no official government case has been noted and the CDC has not made an advisory regarding Mallorca or any part of Spain having a Zika outbreak.