Travelers all over the world might have narrowed down their choice of place to travel in 2016. This is because of some issues in the said places including health and safety reasons. The Zika outbreak made a great impact on traveler's preference this year, is it still a threat for travelers this coming year?

According to New York Times, the World Health Organization declared on November 18 that Zika virus must not be feared of because it is no longer a global health emergency. This is a very good news for all the travelers especially to those who have interest in Caribbean and Mexican countries.

However, even though WHO confirmed so, the travelers are still cautious. As guidance to those who are planning to be traveling in the coming year, here are some places where not to go and where to go instead.

 Instead of Dubai, travelers may go to Hong Kong says Business Insider. While Dubai is still on its way of transforming the City for the preparation of Dubai Expo 2020 and some of its attractions cannot be visited at the moment, it's the right time to visit Hong Kong. Even though the world's tallest building is not in the place, but for sure the travelers will definitely find the world's tallest hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.

Instead of London, travelers may go to Prague. While London's famous clock, Big Ben is scheduled for an overhaul in 2017 and maybe completed for three years, it is much exciting to travel east, and watch one of the world's mechanical marvels, the Prague's astronomical clock.

Instead of Pisa, travelers may go to Abu Dhabi. Spending a lot of money just to get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa wherein many tourists rated the place as underwhelming is not a good idea. Instead, travel to Abu Dhabi wherein your money and time spent will be all worth it, for the place has many attractions to visit and enjoy.

Instead of Miami Beach, go to Key West. Traveling to the beaches in Miami with the probable presence of Zika virus in the place might give every traveler a bad idea so they could visit the western-most point of the Florida Keys instead.