People from Brownsville Texas received a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC regarding Zika virus. The CDC has been warning citizens especially pregnant women and their sexual intercourse partners to refrain from traveling to Brownsville Texas. According to CDC's doctor, Dr. Denise Jamieson, "We're recommending pregnant women not to travel to Brownsville, and if they do travel to that area, to ensure that they avoid mosquito bites and they avoid the risk of sexual transmission."

Zika virus has been feared by many people all over the world due to the danger it carries. This virus is passed on through mosquito bites and sexual intercourse transmission. The said illness is dangerous especially for pregnant women and their partners since it would have a big effect on their child bearing. Some of the dangerous effects of Zika virus among pregnant women are having children with small heads and birth defects.

According to Chicago Tribune and Washington Post, five cases of the Zika virus, all in close areas, in Brownsville have been discovered. However, there is no affirmation of the further widespread of the disease. In order to prevent harms caused by the Zika virus, the authorities in Brownsville along with the CDC are performing further examinations regarding the matter. Those pregnant women who have come in, out and even had sex in Brownsville on or after October 29 is requested to participate on tests for Zika virus.

The federal government and the CDC are trying to do their best to stop the spreading of the said virus. As several tests and investigation are still ongoing, people are still advised to be vigilant especially those who are engaging in sexual activities and for those who are pregnant. Besides Texas, Florida is also a state in the U.S. known for having Zika virus. Same procedures in Texas have been undertaken to prevent and stop this dangerous virus.