Over the past 12 months, customers and travelers' desire for overseas holiday has fallen, based on Independent news. The First Rate, experts in foreign currency supplier, found that just 53 percent of people intend to travel abroad in the coming year, which is two percentage points less compared to winter 2015.

One of the factors of the decline in having overseas holiday is because of age. Based on the said report, people who like to have an overseas trip are on the age of 25-34 are arranging their break for next 12 months. There are 56 percent of that age group; while 51 percent for aged 55 and over are the opposite.

Moreover, another factor is that based on a study, half of the customers were being hindered by the health scares such as Zika virus, as further explained by Independent. In addition to that, 65 percent of the customers were bothered about terrorism and 54 percent had to change their plans.

Travel Mole has also reported statistics of peoples' Holiday confidence as it drops three-year low. Accordingly, 66 percent of people were planning for a Eurozone trip but it the percentage has been changed to 63 percent for not aiming to have their vacation there. Seven percent is still intact for the people who are planning for a trip to other European countries, based on the published report by HCI last April 2016, according to TravelMole.

Mr. Liam Hodge, First Rate Exchange Services head of insight, said that based on their latest report, it tells a clear mood of consumer attention when it comes to planning how to spend, or not spend, their so called "disposable income". 

"The challenge for the travel industry will be to provide those holidaymakers with the value they will undoubtedly be looking for, faced with the falling pound, and equally to convince the rising numbers of people not planning to travel abroad that trips overseas are affordable," Hodge added.