May 29, 2024 11:14 AM


News About Zika Fading Renews Travel Interest To The Carribean, Mexico

Hotels and resorts are experiencing increase in sales following WHO's announcement that Zika is no longer an emergency threat. Just a week after the November 18 announcement, some hotels received hundreds of inquiries about travelling to the Caribbean and Mexico.


Zika Virus Update: CDC Warns Travelers Specifically Preganant Women In Texas Regarding Cases In The City

Zika virus cases have been found in Brownsville, Texas. Warnings regarding the said virus has been given by the CDC.


Travel Tips: Avoid Zika Zones With The CDC Map

Zika virus should not stop you from traveling. Arm yourself with the right knowledge to protect you and your family when traveling.


Zika Virus 2016 Update: Large Portion of Miami Beach No Longer Zika Zone

The Zika virus, proven to be responsible for the birth defects of up to fifty reported cases in the US, has been cleared in various parts of Florida. However, health officials maintain that there is still much work left to be done in the full-scale clearing of the virus.


"Zika No Longer A Global Health Emergency" According To WHO

The World Health Organization has lifted its previously declared global health emergency over the widespread Zika virus. However, the organization maintains that the virus remains to be a highly significant, long-term problem.


Zika-Free Travel Destinations and Tips For You To Remember!

In fear of the Zika Virus, a lot of travelers changed itineraries and avoided the countries included in list issued by The Centers for Disease Control which is all over the world.


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