March is probably the best time to spend a nice vacation when the kids are away and prices go down. It's also the best time of the year to go and seek the heat of the sun, but the question is where? Well, here are the top 5 vacation getaways to get some sun this March.

Gran Canaria

As the rest of Europe hibernates when temperatures go down, Gran Canaria, on the other hand, remains sunny and green during March. In fact, according to The Telegraph, the place doesn't even have temperatures at the 20C mark. The capital Las Palmas is where you can feel the warmth of culture and art while the Playa de las Canteras is where you can get some nice warm sun.


Morocco is known for its captivating destinations, especially Marrakesh, where you can discover some rich culture and its fascinating riads. However, other cities have risen to the challenge too and one notable name is the city of Essaouira. This city can offer delicious food for foodies and sunny long beaches where travelers can do a lot of water activities.


Adelaide might not match the glamor of Melbourne or Sydney, however, it can reward you with its rich wildlife and stunning natural wonders. According to Australia, with temperatures around the mid-20s Celsius, there's also a lot of things that you can do like hill-hiking and take part in the different festivals.


Another one of the top 5 vacation getaways to get some sun this March, Mozambique stays warm around 30 degrees Celsius. According to lonely planet, the place is well-known for its culture, traditions, and crystal clear beaches. It can also offer safari trips for the adventurous travelers.


The Langkawi archipelago can offer the best summer experience for travelers with its luxurious hotels and stunning seascape. The place would give you the best tropical adventure that you can ever ask for.

If you're looking for the perfect place to spend a nice summer vacation, maybe these top 5 vacation getaways would help. Pack your bags and book a flight this March and experience the warmth of the sun like never before in these places.