Morocco has one of the best traditional courtyard houses called riads that would really give travelers and tourists a glimpse of royalty. But now, these houses have been opened to the public and guests are very welcome to have a royal experience in these magnificent and luxurious houses. So here's a list of Morocco's top 5 palace-like hotels.

El Fenn

El Fenn is a classic and traditional Moroccan riad but with a twist of art. The art-filled luxurious hotel has 22 rooms that lead you into its three awe-inspiring courtyards. According to The Telegraph, the hotel also offers one of the best breakfast buffets which is just a few minutes away from the street acrobats, vendors and snake charmers.

Riad de Tarabel

According to CNN, this French-inspired mansion which is just a few streets away from El Fenn is owned by a French couple named Leonard Diego and Rose Marie Fournier. The Riad de Tarabel is a ten-room old colonial mansion transformed into an elegant boutique hotel that offers a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Riad Maison Arabe

Another one of Morocco's top 5 palace-like hotels, the La Maison Arabe was once a famous restaurant transformed into an Arabian-inspired hotel. But until now, it still has three world-class restaurants, a bar, and spa. Not only that, the hotel also has a Moroccan cooking school that offers culinary classes for aspiring chefs.

Riad El Amine

The Riad El Amine is probably the most Moroccan-inspired hotel that showcases traditional designs and architecture. According to HotelTravel, this 2-courtyard classic hotel offers an indoor aqua-tiled reflecting swimming pool.

Riad Jaaneman

The Riad Jaaneman is one of Moroccos top 5 palace-like hotels that has a touch of Italian style to it. The Italian design can be seen in its deco furnishings, Boffi bathrooms fixtures, and marble bathrooms. The hotel also offers an outdoor pool and a traditional steam bath called hammam.

For those travelers who want to experience the life of kings and queens, Morocco's top 5 palace-like hotels could provide you that royal treatment that you deserve. Just remember that it's not a cheap experience so these hotels aren't for cheapskates.