Why do a lot of people like coffee so much more than tea? Like a specialty coffee drinking in a cafe, can't you enjoy yourself as much as possible by incorporating aromatic Japanese tea into your usual lifestyle?

One Tokyo tea shop defied the world by opening a minimalistic tea place that focuses solely on hand-dripped tea brewing methods for nine people at a time. Tokyo Saryo gives emphasis on its service the perfect temperature and amount of tea root out from the leaves.

They offer single, origin teas from around the country and would like to challenge the tea industry in Japan by "offering variety as opposed to shop-bought blended teas that are purchased wholesale."

In an interview with the Lonely Planet Travel News, Creative Director of Tokyo Saryo Mikito said, "Many buyers don't focus on the taste or flavor of the tea they drink and for a long time, no essential design approach was created in the region." He further added, "These problems prevent consumers from getting good green tea and I wanted to change that."

And to pair up the sensation of tea while still giving more importance to the gentle sip, light snacks are offered like seaweed-based bits, dried fruit and other sweet treats. The location of the shop in Sangen-Jaya in Tokyo makes it more ideal as Jaya in English means "tea house," as disclosed by Mikito.

"The place has its roots in tea. And the atmosphere around here is really nice and cozy; it comes from the fusion of old and new," he said. Teas available in the shop are harumoegi, koushun, koishizuku, yabukita yame, okumidori, kouran, and yoino shichiyousei.

Since not everyone in the world loves coffee, tea lovers who get a chance to be in Japan should check out the place and call beforehand because only nine people get to be inside this unique tea shop.