Wanna sleep in a van with a man? Don't worry, it's not a joke, and in fact, one man has been offering his van for tourists or locals to sleep in while on the roads as a 'hostel on wheels.'

Joseph Carlson lives in his van and provides the same service to tourists for free. He posted his advertisement in Couchsurfing.com and gave details about what it's like sleeping in the van.

There is no electricity available, no shower, toilet or bathroom in general and one has to sleep on his bed. Carlson charges his phone in the lighter socket and advised people to take a bath somewhere which has the facilities before sleeping in the van.

If you asked the 23-year old wedding photographer if anyone has tried it, he told Independent, "That was the craziest," he says. "They were five Irish guys, and they looked like a boy band. I was like, 'Hey, it's going to be really tight' but they were like 'We wanna do it.' But they were the coolest people I've had over."

Summer is when he does his photography when it's off-season, he travels and let tourists sleep in his van. He upgrades his van to supply what travelers need by installing cabinets, a sink, and a bed.

Carlson has about 50 travelers that slept in his van since last year and has visited 30 national parks, 100 state parks and went 25,000 miles all in all. "Believe it or not, people from Europe and Asia and all over the world are like, 'Hey, I'm going to go and stay in that guy's van," he said.

Other than providing a roof for weary people, he sometimes acts as a travel guide pointing to where most destinations can be found and tell something about it. "It's been one of the best experiences of my life."

And it seemed like many people are interested in putting up the same hostel van Carlson is doing. Currently, he's helping three people who want their vans to provide guests to stay in over the night.