Working in the travel industry goes beyond the confinement of hotels, restaurants or air flights. Some jobs may be odd to some people while others are just plain awesome. Here are some openings, in case you want to go for it.

Man a lighthouse for six months with another person. With love from Australia, the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is looking for two people who are self-sufficient, healthy, have a proven ability to live and work in remote locations, and are able to carry out caretaking services including maintenance of grounds, buildings and plant and equipment. Couples or two chummy people are preferred. Have we mentioned that you have to take care of a lighthouse and the only transport you have is by helicopter? More details here and the deadline will be on Jan. 30.

Be an unpaid hermit. Austria is looking for that person who wants to be away from the world and be able to live in a 350-year old site in a cave. A hermit, you may call it, in the town of Saalfelden in Salzburg. Duties include guiding visitors around the place. So far, registration is still ongoing. If you want to be alone, this job is perfect for you.

Activity Coordinator in Uluru. Australia is calling any fit individual to hold sports or any physical activity to the staff and locals of Yulara. Some of the duties include actively engaging participants through a promotion of activities through Social Media and other means focusing on a healthy lifestyle and to foster a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone during the organized activities. The deadline for application will be on February 13. See here for full details.

Cat husbandry Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. In America, students can get up close with wild kitties in this paid internship program. But of course, one must have a degree in a certain science or animal-related course.

Among the duties include daily care of tigers, lions, cougars, black bears, black leopards, African servals, bobcats, rhesus macaque, and hoof stock. Also, you get to identify behavioral needs and provide approved enrichment for the animals which includes but may not be limited to environmental and scent enrichments. Deadline for fall internship applications is on April 1 and Nov. 1 for spring internships. More details here.

Chef submariner. Here's one catering career that will take you in the defense frontlines! As a submariner (and a chef), you are taken to highly classified missions abroad. You'll be James Bond serving food to other agents and submariners. Part of your duties encompasses not only cooking, but learning all about fire safety, preparing for combat, and even steering the boat is crucial. Registration is ongoing. You can find all the details here.