There are so many things a person can gain by just traveling -the fun, the experience, the memories, the adventure and lot more. However, traveling can get pretty expensive too, but like what they say, traveling is the only thing that a person can spend a lot but can gain so much more than what he had spent.

Here's a little tip though a traveler can not only earn experiences and the like, he can earn money too while traveling. No, it doesn't have anything to do that's irrelevant with traveling. This, however, will not make a traveler rich, but this can greatly help him either pay for a fancy meal in a nice restaurant, or for the admission for some activities.

Sell those travel photos. Travelers can make money by selling the nice photos they took. There are some travelers who travel for the sake of good photography; little did they know that they can absolutely make money off of it. There are sites such as - Getty Images, Shutterstock, Alamy and iStock that photographers can upload their unique photos to and brands and businesses would buy the photos from them.

There are even mobile applications for these, like Foap for instance where people can upload photos directly from their phones. There will be brands and business that will offer assignments from certain places and if a person accomplishes one of these assignments by taking photos, he will get paid by brand/business.

Leave the car for rent. Travelers who have cars in their hometown should leave their car for rent while traveling to new places. Instead of leaving it parked in the parking lot, have someone rent it until the end of the trip. One can get good cash from this as well.

Deliver packages. Going to places and bringing packages along can definitely help a traveler earn. There are perfect applications for these types of jobs, take Roadie and CitizenShipper for example. A person can get paid up to $450 by taking a pet along with him to a specific destination. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.