Sometimes, to eat good food, you have to pay a steep price. There's something about an elegantly made dish, made up of the freshest ingredients, and served so painstakingly well every bite is a surge of happiness.

Restaurants awarded with Michelin stars are usually those only the wealthy can afford. It's not surprising since the meals are cooked by the most brilliant chefs in the world. Here are some of the most expensive restaurants you'll ever encounter in your lifetime:

SubliMotion, Ibiza, Spain. If you want your meal experienced to be perfectly complemented by everything in your surroundings, then prepare to pay a price of $2,173 at SubliMotion for a 20-course dinner. Every dish is meticulously planned in relation to the theme, which they change annually. If you want to experience molecular gastronomy, then make a reservation months before you eat. The restaurant is only open during the summer season in Ibiza, and even though the price is pretty scary, reservations are usually filled up.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives. The name speaks for itself. It is a restaurant below the beautiful waters of Indian Ocean. As you munch the delicious food prepared by the chefs, you'll see the actual ocean life going on around you. It is a small venue that can accommodate only 14 guests at a time, and to snag a seat you must be patient in waiting for your reservation. Ithaa is known to be one of the most beautiful restaurants around the world, and the experience is also pricey. Prepare to pay around $300-600 a pop.

Maison Pic, Drôme, France. If you're ever in France and have a thousand dollars spare cash to spend for a 2-person dinner, then head off to Maison Pic. You will then meet one of the few women in the world who's a Michelin Star chef, Chef Anne-Sophie Pic. The menu in this restaurant is traditional French cuisine innovated a hundred times better with Chef Anne's culinary skills. You will groan in delight in her nine-course menu essential, featuring dishes you've only ever seen in your dreams.

Plaza Athénéé, Paris. To dine most extravagantly in the city of love, then you better be prepared for the hefty price tag in Plaza Athénéé. Owned by the revered chef Alain Ducasse, despite the price people still come here not just for the food, but the restaurant itself. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner with your loved one below 10,000 glimmering crystals, and drink the most delicious French wine you could ever taste. Their menu is made from rare ingredients, so consider yourself one of the lucky few who got to have this wonderful dining experience.