Despite tight security and closed roads, expect the coming Presidential Inaugurations to be a festive one. Businesses will hustle and bustle as well as transport activity will be highly congested for the celebrations on Jan. 19 to 22.

However, the highlight will be on the 20th as president-elect Donald Trump marches to swear as the 45th President of the United States. If you're planning to head out during that day here are tips to survive the inauguration.

Wear warm clothes. It's chilly in the US today as the first month of the year still continues to bring the cold breeze of the holidays. However, the weather can change anytime soon. Check Washington's Top News whether the weather is chilly or not.

How to get around town. There will be road closures and parking restrictions as early as Jan. 18. Ideally, you have to walk or ride a bicycle to your desired destination. If you're coming with the whole family, ride on a public transportation. Buy or reload your card days before when you're in the metro. Come early to ride early. There may be people already there but it would be worse if you come too late.

Where to eat. You can bring your own grub to avoid all the long lines of food stalls nearby your place. If you can reserve a seat in a restaurant earlier - better.

Know where the toilets are. Need to go? Be aware where they place their portable toilets. Some adults have secretly used adult underpads or diapers to avoid more hassles. 

If you're arriving by air, do it earlier and online. Technically by now, the terminals are panicking over the influx of local and foreign visitors coming to Washington DC for the inauguration. To avoid the hassle, book early, print all the documents and arrive early at the airport to avoid overcrowding.

The ceremony starts at 11:30 a.m. and swearing is set at noon.

According to WTOP, there are six different security screening gates corresponding with attendees' color-coded tickets and they open at 6 a.m. on Inauguration Day. Probably some might be camping on the spot.