As Donald Trump prepares to become America's 45th president, the question is posed: what impact will Trump's presidency have on tourism? This includes both Americans voyaging abroad and outside visitors coming in the US. Donald Trump will be the first travel industry tycoon in the White House. He has a chain of hotels. Be that as it may, Trump's administration may affect the travel business.

According to USAToday, whether Americans can travel globally depends on to a great extent on the well-being of the U.S. economy. A weaker dollar could hurt outbound tourism. Travel is an optional item if the economy isn't great, it is constantly one of the principal territories where consumers begin to curtail.

A more protectionist aviation policy for well over a year, the "big three" US carriers and "big three" Gulf carriers have been in a huge battle. It has centered on the right off Gulf carriers to operate flights to the US. Up until now the US government has sided with the Gulf carriers and continues to allow them to fly to the US. Given Trump's "patriotic" approach to things and him wanting to "bring jobs back to the US," It won't be a surprise to see him side with the US carriers on this.

As Skift reports, will there be Visa limitations? Will Trump prohibit every single outside Muslim from entering the US? It appears to be impossible. Be that as it may, more tightly controls on guests are a plausibility. It is conceivable that the visa waiver program which permits English natives to visit the US without a visa may be explored. Change is one thing the industry can be sure of when Mr. Trump takes office.

Henry Harteveldt thinks that Trump could be one of the most travel-friendly presidents in modern history. His thought bases on the fact Mr. Trump has long been part of the travel industry and was deeply involved in the marketing of the Trump Shuttle in its early days, an experience that he could put to use thinking of ways to make the United States a more welcoming and appealing destination.