The restaurants, bars and outdoor wet markets of the West African capital is filled with fusion of different flavors which was a cultural influence of France, Lebanon, Portugal and Vietnam but the cuisines are defined as distinctly Senegalese. Its culinary reputation never strays too far from traditional recipes all mixed with different array of flavors that makes in unique.

Fresh seafood, rich red palm oil hand harvested in small batches, gravies and sauces laced with the spicy condiment known as kani and an ancient grain called fonio are all main ingredients on the tables of a city that never really seems to shut down. Here are some of the best restaurants to dine in Dakar, Senegal.

Chez Loutcha, a local favorite, serves up one of the best Senegalese and Cape Verdean cuisines in the country. The restaurant is always filled with people and it offers a warm welcome to the customers of the place. They serve the Mafe, a famous Senegalese dish. The dish is a delicious meat stew cooked in a thick peanut sauce and served with a cup of rice. Without a doubt Chez Loutcha is one restaurant to visit in Dakar.

Dining in the  luxurious La Fourchette is like eating in Europe but in a different set up and location, according to The Culture Trip. The menu is a mix of different blends from European with a twist of Asian fusion. The live music and entertainment the restaurant offers brings up a welcome reminder that you are in the heart of West Africa which is just lovely and comfortable.

Lagon 1 offers visitors the best view of Goree Island on one side and the eastern headland on the other side. The place offers only the best menu which is packed with delicious cuisines, good looking and heartwarming desserts plus a local cocktail to top it off. 

Just4U is known for its live music making it the perfect intro to all things especially food and culture of Dakar. This place offers different blends of authentic food with the restaurant very particular about their desserts. Food Republic suggests visiting Just4U before leaving as no trip to Dakar would be completed if your not dropping by to this place filled with music and the amazing food it offers.

Hotel Sokhamon, an open air restaurant and hotel considered as one of Dakar's best. The hotel's sandstone sculptures, glazed floors in rich, earthy colors and gently curved surfaces lead to a breezy restaurant with an inviting bar and an infinity pool. Menu in this place usually comprises of grilled fish and ceviches mixed up with Senegalese favorites like maffe and yassa. You are going to be waiting for quite a while for food to be served but dont worry, its worth the wait.