To first-timers, New York can be intimidating. With its tall buildings, busy atmosphere, expensive restaurants, and well-dressed people on the street, it's not hard to think that there's no room for relaxation and romance in New York.

But believe it or not, amidst the sleepless metropolitan that is New York, there are actually romantic romantics tucked within its busy walls. If you and your partner find yourselves overwhelmed and looking for a romantic place to dine out, here are some restaurants you should consider:

Milk and Roses. When you look at the cozy décor and warm atmosphere in this restaurant in Greenpoint, it seems like it was built to cater to couples. With their outdoor garden covered in fairy lights and candle-lit bookshelf-lined indoor restaurant, it's not hard to let your guard down and enjoy a meal. Their food is also good to share for two and not overly priced. All in all, it's perfect place to chill, eat good food and spend some romantic time with your partner.

Esperanto. If you're looking for a brunch restaurant with a Mexican twist, then look no further. Esperanto is a quaint restaurant in East Village that will make you think of spontaneous road trips and romantic Spanish hospitality. After spending the night with your loved one, head on to this place and wake your taste buds up with their excellent dishes like roasted chicken in a banana leaf, Brazilian pork stew or grilled seafood on greens. Their tapas, also, make patrons go back.

Mar's. Guys, if you're finally able to snag a date with your crush, then it would be an awesome idea to take her out here. This cocktails and oyster bar would surely tickle her interest, and, because of the aphrodisiac quality of the oysters-then, you might get lucky! Their restaurant is relaxing enough with a distinct retro feel to let your hair down, and it's a perfect place to make your date agree to more dates, just make sure to fill her up with Mar's' delicious food.

Marea. If you want to make your loved one feel like a queen, why not invite her to dinner at one of New York's most extravagant restaurants? Sure, the menu is really pricey, but, you'll be rewarded by an excellent service and marvelous Italian cuisine that will make you feel like you're dining beneath the warm atmosphere of the Eiffel Tower. The whole place is decorated lavishly, with opulent decorations everywhere. And unless you're a multi-millionaire, eating at this place can be a tradition. But if you're not, you can save up and try coming back every now and then.