Travelers travel for many different reasons, some travel for personal reasons, some travel to see the wonders of the beautiful earth and some travel simply for the love of food. There are those dedicated food lovers who would sail across oceans and fly from one country to the other just to be able to get a taste of different foods from different places.

The Good Food team, a group of food enthusiasts who owns a food blog site which is obviously called "Good Food" had listed certain places that they're going to visit this year in order for them to try out particular delicacies and cuisines. They suggest the following:

Lisbon, Portugal. One of the site's bloggers, Annabel Smith, is visiting Lisbon this year because of one heavenly treat, the Portuguese custard tarts. This is her main food goal and her first stop is Pastel de nata at the original Pasteis de Belem bakery. But she's not only there for the tasty custard cups - while she's in Lisbon, she's also going for some food sampling that includes petiscos (tapas,) and some paprika braised pork in a soft roll.

According to a food blogger, Myanmar is perfect for rice, curries, and barbecued meat lovers. Along with other mouthwatering foods, Myanmar could offer, one of them that everyone is after is the fish-based soup, Mohinga. The soup is popular for its spicy and sweet taste that is made up of rice noodles and egg with an addition of onion, garlic, lemongrass and ginger to taste.

San Sebastian, Spain. Spain is a very popular vacation spot, for the country offers a lot of amazing attractions, activities, and good food. For beer lovers, Spain might just be a great place to visit as they have a wide variety of beers. How about beer-tasting and chill in Spain?

Carpigiani Gelato University, Bologna, Italy. There's actually a university for cold, soft and creamy treat lovers in Italy and it's called the Carpigiani Gelato University where ice cream and gelato-obsessing people can enroll in and learn how to make the perfect ones on their own. Check out Traveler Today for more travel news and tips.