The world might be small but there is still so much to see. If the goal this 2017 is to travel and witness the beauty of the world, going to places where everyone has already been to sounds a little boring already.

Going on an adventure sounds awesome but what's an adventure if the destination is too common and there's nothing more to discover? This year, pack up those bags and get ready to visit the most underrated yet gorgeous vacation spots in the world. These destinations are absolute travel goals.

Krakow, Poland has so many attractions to offer, including the beautifully built churches, the ghost tours, the history, and castles. The city maybe small but it is full of amazing history travelers do not want to miss. The city also offers free-walking tour where tourist can see almost all of the attractions guided by incredibly nice people who are also well-educated about Krakow.

Scandinavia is one of the most underrated vacation spots ever. Like all the other places, Scandinavia is also full of interesting history, but that's not the only things that the region could offer. The food there is to die for as well. Sailing is a thing too. The place is the happiest, cleanest, safest region filled with super friendly people.

Iceland should be on a traveler's travel bucket list because travelers would definitely not want to miss the beauty of the country. The city of Reykjavik are actual goals too as the city is filled with mesmerizing natural wonders such as - waterfalls, volcanoes and the like.

There are lots of things a traveler can do in Heidelberg, Germany. Going up to the sandstone castle, which is Heidelberg's main attraction, where one can explore the flamboyant type of a castle is one of the few things you can do in there. There are also gothic churches and old buildings that are just too pretty not to see. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.