Selection of airline services has mainly been basing on fares and services. With the current increase in demand most business people and those traveling for leisure select airlines basing on the punctuality of the airlines. The Airline intelligence Travel (OAG) Company has ranked airports and airlines that are punctual using stats for about 54million records. Punctuality in the context of OAG means arrival or departure within 15 minutes of the schedule and here I the list of the punctual airports and airlines.

According to Cnn, knowing consumer's demand on punctuality Hawaiian airline has improved from ranking nine in 2015. It is the most punctual airline of 2016 having an OTP of 89%. Copa airlines have ranked second having an OTG of 88% and KLM is in the third place with 87% OTG.

The Alaska airline which ranks second in North American airlines has ranked seven globally with 86% OTG, meanwhile, the UK's Monarch Airlines has ranked nine having 85.67% OTG and Singapore Airlines ranked ten with OTG 85.19%.

Reported by USAToday, based on the number of people handled in an airport, airports are categorized into major, large, medium and small airports. For major airports Tokyo Hanenda airport is ranking first for the second time in two years in a row, Sao Paulo Guarulhos, Brazil is second best ranking 85.28%. The US airports Detroit and Atlanta have successfully hit the top five with ranks of 84.64% and 84.57% respectively. The Asian airports have also tried with Singapore Changi airport holding the seventh position with 83.49% and Phoenix ranking ten having 82.82%.

For large airports, Surabaya airport holds the flag for large airports, followed by Honolulu with 87.53%, Salt Lake City airport ranking third having 87.20%. African airports have also come in the picture this 2016 with Johannesburg airport ranking eight with 84%. Of what use is it if the airports are of a delay, the list of the punctual airports will be helpful too. Book for a punctual airline having its route through a punctual airport and have a punctual schedule.