The zombie apocalypse television series, "The Walking Dead" Season 7 will be airing its second part. On its upcoming ninth episode, it is reported that the show will be heading on the small screen on February 12, Sunday on AMC Network. It is speculated that Rick Grimes and Ezekiel would reunite to fight against the psychotic big baddie, Negan. Besides, Andrew Lincoln predicted that ''fans would be happy with what they'll see.''

On the midseason finale episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 7, it is reported that there would be lots of surprises. In fact, it was hinted that fans would see a slightly different turn out of events on its next few episodes as it reported by EN Starz. Vivid fans and followers cannot wait to see what would be the storylines of its next episodes.

Speculations reveal that Andrew Lincoln who portrayed the character of Rick Grimes and Ezekiel who is being portrayed by the 44-year-old actor Khary Payton might unite in "The Walking Dead" Season 7 to fight against Negan. Grimes is one of the characters who survived the zombie outbreak. Besides, he also wanted to bring Negan down since he killed Abraham and Glenn Rhee on its previous episodes.

Rick, being the leader of the most group of survivors and Ezekiel who is a self-proclaimed leader of a community known as Kingdom haven't met yet in "The Walking Dead" series. Perhaps, the two characters might meet up on its upcoming episodes that would bring another twist and turn to its storylines.

On the other hand, Lincoln predicted that on the upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" fans would be happy with what they will see as he spoke with Entertainment Weekly.

"It's The Magnificent Seven in the back half. Rather, the magnificent eight episodes. Wait till 16. I promise you, there is one beat in 16, I dropped my script and started punching the air and did a little jig," Lincoln said.