When choosing the a college for a degree, many students overlook the most important meaning and goal to achieve and that is the quality of life and education. It is important for students to know the real context and learning environment in which they choose to get a degree and be educated.

The campus setting and the a beautiful college campus actually helps in the process. According to The Best Colleges, students who graduate from beautiful campuses typically report a better overall satisfactory rate with their college experience. Here are the top five choices of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States.

Stanford University. The campus not only delivers one of the best curriculums but it also stands out with Spanish colonial type of building designs creating a very unique and cozy atmosphere for the students. It has these high arched doorwats and soft red colored bricks to back it up. In the campus, the Hoover Tower was inspired by a cathedral tower of Salamanca which stands in the center of the campus according to College Magazine.

The University Of Notre Dame. This 1,250 acre campus hold a flawless Basilica of Sacred Heart which is the on campus chapel. For the main building of the school, it holds the famous golden dome which was the inspiration of gold football helmets. Though Notre Dame is not that big, it holds a very close to nature feeling and much was designed for pedestrians.

The Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee. The school is inspired by an English Gothic Villlage, the Rhodes College is just a 100 acre campus which is unique on its own with its beautiful landscapes around that makes it one of the most beautiful campuses in America according to Forbes.

Kenyon College. Known for its Gothic Revival architecture the campus features several buildings that have inspired designers around the United States. The setting for Kenyon is wonderfully rustic and the college was named one of the most beautiful in the country.

Elon University. The beautiful wooded grounds of Elon were appointed as a botanical garden in 2005, making the beauty of the campus a contributor to the educational experience, as the landscaping is used as both an aesthetic and educational purposes. Elon has been named the prettiest campus in the country on multiple occasions. For more of the latest news and current events around the world please do visit Travelers Today.