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A Man Protests Climate Change By Walking Barefoot Across The US

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Jan 03, 2017 05:12 AM EST

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Mark Baumer, a local environmentalist in the US, has decided to protest about climate change in his own way: by walking across the US in his bare feet. He does this to raise money for a local environmentalist group, called the FANG collective. This local group aims to increase awareness of their resistance against the natural gas industry in Rhode Island.

Mark has been walking for 2 months now, and according to him, he's doing fine. This is the 2nd time he walked for an environmental cause-but the first time he did it he was wearing his shoes.

Although walking along the interstates-barefoot or not-is illegal, Mark can't be stopped. He doesn't move aside for cars, only for trucks. He also said that so many people have offered to give him shoes, but he declined.

2010 was the first time he did a cross-country walk, and at the time he raised a total of $3000 which he donated to local causes. He finished the walk in 3 months.

When asked why he decided to walk across America barefoot, he said: "I wanted to do this walk for a cause and use the attention to generate money for something good. Every time another news report comes out about the dangers of climate change, I feel like I need to do something, I need to act."

"I always hear that this is the most important crisis of our time-but you look around, and people aren't freaking out. If this was a war, people would be rationing. Look at World War II: People were mobilized almost immediately."

Mark constantly uploads his foot selfies on Instagram to document his journey, generating mixed feedbacks from viewers. Some said he's deranged, some applaud him for his dedication, but throughout all the attention, Mark isn't fazed. He just wants to save the environment. Check out his blog here.

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