Foodie vegans may have a hard time satisfying their appetite in other parts of the world. Choosing a perfect destination means knowing the world's top 5 vegetarian nations.  Although they may be plenty of places around the globe to pick, the best ones are those whose signature vegetable dishes influence local culinary culture.

The nations listed in this article are ranked according to popularity and the degree of relevance in mainstream society. Here are the following countries worth visiting:


No other country has ever built an entire civilization that avoids meat consumption than the vegetarian nation of India. The core belief of venerating oxen (the avatar of creator god Brahma) and reincarnation karma in Hinduism considers eating beef a taboo and the consumption of other meat sources as a venial sin. As a consequence of tradition that began since prehistory, India becomes the global headquarters of vegan chefs.


A significant portion of Italy's staple diet is based on wheat and barley. Such is the case that from Ancient Rome's bread and olives to Renaissance pasta and pizza pie, meat was pretty much a luxury foodstuff. That centuries-old habit is virtually impossible to shake off. Hence, Italy's culinary delights land second place in the list of traditional cultural vegans.


As one of the key territories comprising the Mesopotamian civilization thriving along the Fertile Crescent, Western agriculture as we know it was pretty much pioneered in this part of the world. An assortment of fresh crops fresh from the fields supported a luxurious ancient menu. From the Ancient Babylonians to the Ottoman Turks, vegetable-based Lebanese cuisine created tasty signature meals like falafel, hummus and other spicy 'halal' salads.


Kosher is the nearest thing conservative Westerners can tolerate to healthy vegetarian diet. For thousands of years, the Hebrew people have practiced separating meat from vegetables throughout their traditional food preparations. In Israel, a new wave of vegans justifies the dietary lifestyle once actively championed by the prophet Daniel.  


With modern China assuming an eclectic attitude towards colorful traditions, the best place to seek Chinese vegan culture is in Taiwan. More than 10% of the nation's total population is classified as vegetarians. They have a habit of competing with India and other Asian countries in terms of manufacturing commercial 'mock meat' products.