Travelers in the mood for "staycations" need only to look in their own state backyards to find enthralling destinations. From the hidden archaic village of Asheville with its arts-focused communities to festive Texas country wine and celebrations in the city, American travelers would marvel at the world-class vacation delights born in their own home.

According to CNBC -- citing Lonely Planet's priority list of popular US vacation spots -- Asheville, North Carolina is one of the best cities to go for a "staycation." This is likely because this hidden and archaic North Carolina city is bustling with creativity and performances from artists and musicians -- not to mention artisan food and dining.

Maui, Hawaii is a famous Hawaiian destination will never run out of domestic and international travelers. This place is considered the foremost when it comes to best summer vacations, romantic getaways and more in the United States.

The 277 by 18-mile Grand Canyon, Colorado is famous for many things is a UNESCO World Heritage site carefully preserved by its appointed caretakers in the National Park Service according to US News. For the Grand Canyon, "world-class famous" is an understatement when one sees crowds piling in and out of the canyon. But as soon as one reaches the campsite, it is definitely worth all the trouble.

Washington in itself is a great destination -- check the video below. But the state is also the home of a beautiful park, waterfalls and great music. Spokane, Washington's well-maintained and gracefully aged Manito Park offers a path of beautiful roses to gardens and a beach while Downtown Spokane's Spokane Falls is a combination of an urban yet relaxing atmosphere. In the Martin Woldson Theater awaits the Spokane Symphony and other music greats in Spokane.

Fine dining and wine awaits travelers headed to Denver City, Texas. Scattered about the city are exquisite dining restaurants and breweries that host wine tasting festivals all year. "Mile-High" city also has Denver's scenic Botanical Gardens and Denver Zoo for those looking for an alternative and relaxing vacation.